Frequently Asked Questions

We warrant each Truck Mattress against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 10 years; During the Warranty period, we will repair or replace your truck mattress if found defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, it will be repaired or replaced in accordance to the details below. Warranty Highlights
  • The Warranty period for your truck mattress begins on the date of purchase and ends 10 years later.
  • Repair or replacement of your truck mattress does not extend the Warranty nor begin a new Warranty period.
  • Your truck mattress must be unpacked and expanded no more than two weeks after the date of delivery.
  • Do not fold, stand or jump on your truck mattress.
  • Spot cleaning is the only allowable cleaning procedure for your truck mattress; machine washing or drying, ironing, bleaching, and dry cleaning are not permitted and will void your warranty.
  • Your truck mattress must be continuously supported by a good foundation and a wonderfully made frame with centre support beam and adequate leg support.
  • If, despite normal usage and proper handling, your truck mattress forms permanent indentations of more than 2 inches in the Warranty period, it will be replaced according to the terms below.
  • Damage to the fabricc of your truck mattress due to faulty workmanship or imperfections shall be covered by this Warranty. Any damages resulting from the normal wear and tear of the cover, including, but not limited to: pilling, discolouration, frayed threads and pattern stretching, are not covered by this Warranty.
  • Any flaw in the mattress that causes it to split or crack despite normal usage and proper handling.
  • We will require that you take certain photos and measurements of your truck mattress and your frame in addition to answering a Warranty questionnaire to process a Warranty claim. Failure to take these photos and answer the questionnaire adequately will result in rejection of your Warranty claim.
As mentioned above, mattress warranties cover production and manufacturing defects, because these are things that can be directly linked to shortcomings that we are is directly responsible for. The followings are not covered by mattress warranties;
  • Scuffing, deterioration, blemishes, corner threads coming out as a result of using the mattress for its intended purpose of being slept on.
  • During the warranty period, any sagging greater than 1 ½ inches
  • Bent border wires or torn mattress fabric damage that can result from transportation, use of wrong frame.
  • You are not given a guarantee that you will continue to like your mattress with the passage of time as much as the day you bought it.
  • Unexpected lumpiness.
Yes. Replacement covers are available for purchase. Please send a request to sales@kogler-usa.com for more information.
We often think that a mattress warranty is an indicator of its lifespan but this is not often the case because most mattress warranties are limited to certain aspects. A mattress may promise 5 years warranty and another 20 years warranty, this doesn’t mean the latter is more durable what matters most is the full coverage lengths. Companies with good mattress should be able to offer a minimum of 10 years of full coverage. Also, you must also consider the compression depth. It is very essential to consider the compression depth of the mattress before the warranty coverage begins. The ideal compression coverage ranges between 1”-1.5”. The whole story is that prorated coverage often covers mattress warranties that are above 10 years (prorated coverage means for every year you own it; you would receive less and less credit). Due to sweat and moisture, a mattress will double in weight every 8-10 years. This has been evident over the years. You are therefore advised to get your truck mattress replaced after 10 years of usage. Note that, our claim that you must replace your truck mattress mainly cite health reasons. The thought is that all the sweat and skin flakes create a great place for the dust mites to live. Because so many people have allergies to dust mites (Dust mites are microscopic organisms that feed on dust and particles that naturally occur where people live), you may be risking your health by not replacing your mattress after 10 years of usage.
After a long usage, it is normal for your truck mattress to feel softer in the place you sleep than when you first received it. The areas you mostly find yourself sleeping on usually become softer than the other parts of the mattress. This is very normal. In order to break even your truck mattress, flipping and rotation of the mattress should be done every six months.
As a general rule, the longevity of a mattress will depend heavily on the quality of its materials and construction. They are several strategies you can adopt to ensure your mattress lasts as long as possible.
  • Different mattresses require different types of foundations, so it’s important to research your specific mattress in order to determine the right foundation. This is very important, because our warranties are voided when owners don’t use the right type of foundation.
  • Invest in mattress protectors as they help in regulating body temperature to help you sleep cooler at night and providing additional comfort. mattress protectors can either be fitted or encasement protectors:
    1. Fitted mattress protectors are easy to get on and off the mattress and tend to be more affordable than encasement protectors
    2. Encasement mattress protectors cover every side of the mattress and tend to zip closed up the side. This offers extra protection from allergens and/or bed bugs
  • In order to ensure the longevity of your truck mattress, it is important you avoid bouncing on the bed. The more you can avoid bouncing on the bed, the better off your mattress will be. When you bounce on your truck mattress, you might break the coils and cause permanent indentations in the mattress’ surface.
  • Flipping or rotating your truck mattress helps ensure it wears evenly, thereby preserving its lifetime.
We won’t ask for your paperwork to register your limited warranty when you purchase your truck mattress directly from us. Through the email used in purchasing our product, we can access your order. When you order your truck mattress through Amazon, we'll need a screenshot of your online order as well as your order number, email address, phone number, and best shipping address. Our goal is to provide you with the highest product quality and durability so you can enjoy your truck mattress for years to come. We believe in the quality and design of our products. Our truck mattresses are warrantied against the manufacturing defects in workmanship and material as outlined in the warranty brochure. Now that you’re a truck mattress owner, you are part of a very special group; satisfied owners who love to talk about truck mattress and all the benefits we provide. You can register your truck mattress purchased from us directly or from any retailer who carries our product. Fill out our online mattress purchase registration form to store your purchase information in our database, and if you opt in to receive future email from us, we will send you helpful tips for getting the most out of your new mattress purchase. Claims If you observe a defect, contact the retailer from where you purchased the set for warranty service. Some retailers(valued) are authorized to provide warranty service, and can do so promptly and efficiently. If you have moved or if your retailer is no longer in business, please contact our Customer Service for warranty service. Please include a written description and photo, if applicable, of the problem or issue that you believe is covered by our Warranty and your proof of purchase. It is at our sole discretion to require additional information, photos and physical inspection of your Mattress before honouring any claim under our Warranty. Failure to comply with any of these requirements may void your Warranty.
When you purchase your truck mattress through Amazon, you are still covered by our limited warranty. Contact our customer service when you think you are experiencing defect in your mattress with the following details;
  • Name and email address on the Amazon order and account
  • Screenshot of the Amazon order invoice
  • Billing address used for the Amazon order
  • Amazon order number
  • Screenshot of the Amazon order invoice
  • Pictures of the issue
  • Pictures of the tags on the product
With the information provided, we will be able to take a good look at your issue. Just make sure the correct information is provided.
While there are many things that contribute to the lifespan of your mattress, in general, after about seven years of steady use it’s time to start contacting us for new one. Here are sure five signs to help you decide when to replace your truck mattress: Waking up with pain or soreness You shouldn’t be! It is not normal to wake up moaning and groaning from body aches and pains. Occasionally waking up with a stiff neck or a sore back is fairly normal, but waking up with body discomfort on a daily basis is unacceptable. If you have chronic aches and pains in the morning, this is a sign that your mattress is no longer providing the support and comfort that you need. Replace it! You Wake Up Exhausted If you get a full six to eight hours of sleep, generally you should wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. If you aren’t, this could be due to an expired mattress. Lack of sleep due to turning on a too-old mattress can cause you to wake up feeling tired. Your Mattress Feels Saggy Remove the sheet covering your bed and run your hands over your bare mattress. Do you notice areas that are sagging? If the answer is yes, then it is time to change it. A mattress should keep its overall shape and form for its lifespan. When it starts shapeshifting into a lumpy mess, it is time for an upgrade. Dirty or Ripped If your truck mattress is sporting even a small hole or rip, it’s on its way out. Holes and tears, even small ones, are prime locations for bug infestations. Whether we like to admit it or not, all mattresses are susceptible to bugs and dust mites. And any spills or stains could mean that your mattress is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. Replace it!
You can email us by contacting our support. We will at this point help you get it donated to a local charity or non-profit organization. they are several donation locations that will deeply appreciate your donation. if you already have a donation location in mind to support but you’re welcome to actually do that. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a local charity in some areas. If we’re unable to find a donation location in your area, a mediator pickup service will be arranged. This third-party pick-up service is free of charge. You are required to upload a scanned or photographed copy of your donation receipt after your truck mattress has been donated. After receiving the donation receipt, we will then process your refund. After the refund, it takes approximately 5-10 business days for it to return to the original form of payment please note:
  • optional shipping fees are non-refundable.
  • If you ordered from Amazon, their return policy is quite different. Items ordered through mediating companies will need to be returned directly to them by their preferred return methods.
The return policy permits our customers to return and get a refund on truck mattress purchased within the same year.